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Higher Education Solutions

Decision-making in higher education is shifting from being solely process driven toward a system that is based on outcomes and accountability. Business intelligence is a critical component of this decision support structure. ASR specializes in tailored business intelligence tools and processes that help align organizations around their institutional missions and strategic goals.

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Federal Government Solutions

The Federal Government is under increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources. ASR helps our federal clients to achieve this goal by streamlining business processes; optimizing and automating decisions; and empowering employees with the data, skills, and technology that they need to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

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State and Local Solutions

ASR specializes in the development of analytic methods to tax system administration and compliance. The ASR Fraud Firewallâ„¢ uses advanced analytic techniques to identify fraudulent returns and ID theft before they are processed. Stay ahead of malicious attacks by detecting and responding to known, unknown, and evolving threats.

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