Good from Bad

Dec 09, 2011

It's become particularly evident to me in all kinds of recent experiences, whether at work or with family, that when something bad or unpleasant happens, there is a good side. Now, you might think my analytical mind has gone completely awry, but let me give a few examples.

  • I prepared a project proposal that was not accepted by the prospective client. Unexpectedly, another nearly identical request came along resulting in very little work to respond quickly. The first round was not wasted effort!
  • I've been working with a client to resolve performance issues with their BI platform. The visibility of the project has imposed a lot of pressure on the team to make significant improvements. Progress has been frustratingly slow. Yet, I am learning an incredible amount about the more detailed workings of this platform and how similar configuration improvements can be made elsewhere to benefit other clients.
  • A coworker and I have had tense disagreement about the strategy for a proposed solution. We usually get on quite well. But the frustration, arguments, and counter arguments helped lead to a breakthrough "aha" moment as to how to proceed.

What are some examples you've experienced? Whenever something bad happens, look a little deeper – wait a little bit – look at another angle. There will very likely be something good to come of it.