Machine Learning…the Stuff Artificial Intelligence Dreams Are Made Of

Jul 12, 2018

Before there was machine learning, we dreamed of AI. We looked to a future with robots acting as sub-humans doing the work we did not want to do or, more importantly, were not able to do. With the ability to process data faster than we could ever imagine, yesterday’s AI dream is made possible today by Machine Learning.

Today we are capable of making future decisions based on predictive analysis and data insights in real time. This type of AI can save your enterprise time, money, and even drive a future hidden in the massive amount of data that circulates through any business endeavor.

While machine learning and AI seem like interchangeable terms, there is a clear distinction between them. AI is the soul of an intelligence we build to act in our stead. Machine learning helps AI grow that intelligence at an exponential rate. With data, AI builds predictive answers based on past performance and makes suggestions to guide a more efficient future. Pairing this intelligence with machine learning models enhances AI in real time.

ASR has been using its depth of knowledge in data analytics to build predictive solutions for enterprises across a number of sectors. Taxpayer fraud models, healthcare cost analysis, and data management practices in financial industries are all solutions that use data to build intelligent solutions to meet business needs. We have the ability to search through the mounds of data and mine a solution built on solid AI practices and analytics.