ASR Providing Solution to IRS

Oct 24, 2018

Non-Filers Beware!

ASR Analytics, LLC, a firm specializing in fraud detection, decision management, risk analysis, and performance optimization is working with the IRS SB/SE division to enhance its ability to track and manage non-filers using advanced data metrics to develop a more comprehensive, results-driven non-filer treatment process. 

The IRS SB/SE division works with 57 million taxpayers made up of self-employed persons and small businesses. The agency is tasked with enforcing tax law, while helping those in need to better understand their responsibilities under the tax law. SB/SE’s approach to serving taxpayers has three major components: collection, examination, and operations support. ASR works closely with IRS SB/SE to identify data trends and behavioral tendencies across that environment to better serve the taxpayer and meet agency goals in collections and non-payment, while promoting and supporting voluntary compliance.

ASR’s Program Performance Measurement Solution analyzes data from a number of systems and develops comprehensive metrics to monitor all aspects of the non-filer treatment process. ASR uses forecasting and simulation analysis to help SB/SE to balance competing aspects within the program (e.g., short-term revenue receipt vs. long-term filing compliance). Any government agency that needs to better manage complex processes and make more informed decisions while trying to meet stated goals can benefit from ASR’s methodologies and solutions.