Predictive Analytics

The business intelligence (BI) market is moving towards widespread adoption of predictive analytics to drive better decision management. ASR is on the forefront of this movement, especially within the government and education sectors – areas that stand to achieve great gains through the adoption of an integrated analytical approach. Increasingly, business intelligence practitioners and consumers are recognizing that predictive analytics are essential to the delivery of high-value, decision-oriented functionality (e.g., forecasting, prediction, simulation and optimization).

The driving force behind increased adoption of predictive analytics is a familiar one. Organizations that have embraced each progressive phase of data management modernization (ERP, CRM, DW, BI) are still looking to capitalize on their past investments. Previous phases of the modernization process have focused on tasks that are inherently foundational to better enterprise performance (e.g., data capture, data architecture, and information delivery). ASR views these tasks as foundational for success, and our methodology includes them as a prerequisite to further progress.

The promise of predictive analytics is to do for decision-making what OLAP has done for information – that is, to democratize decision-making assets. Armed with the right tools, leaders can forecast and evaluate the impact of their decisions before executing them, while mid-level employees have access to information vital to success. This capability is particularly important when facing multiple (often competing) strategic objectives – and when complex or interrelated business processes create the risk of unintended consequences to a decision.

Make Proactive Evidence-Based Recruitment Decisions

Recruitment and admissions management is more than "making the numbers." Today you must identify new target markets, raise the academic quality of the institution, and maintain a diverse learning community all while working to increase net tuition revenue. Without the right tools to help identify key drivers of enrollment, spot trends across like recruitment cycles, and forecast enrollment demand, 'shaping' the incoming class can be a daunting task.

Predictive analytics from ASR will help you develop your recruitment strategy at the same time you will benefit from better day-to-day tactical decision making. Our analytic models will help you:

  • Identify Causal Factors for Enrollment – A sound strategy starts with a fundamental understanding of the key drivers for enrollment at your institution. ASR's analytic models use your historical data to help you build academic, geographic, and social profiles of the "ideal" students for your institution.
  • Analyze Your Prospect Pool for More Effective List Purchases – Instead of buying more "names," buy the right "names." Your staff will be more effective, you will spend less money, and your enrollment yield will go up when you are targeting the students that are most likely to enroll and succeed at your institution.
  • Simulate a Multitude of Enrollment Scenarios – Whether you are trying to "shape" the incoming class academically, increase net tuition revenue, or foster a more diverse student body there are always trade-offs. ASR's predictive analytic solutions provide you with the means to simulate a variety of scenarios to more accurately project the outcomes of various enrollment strategies.
  • Forecast Enrollment on a Daily Basis Throughout the Recruitment Lifecycle – It's one thing to put a good recruitment plan in place, it's another to execute that plan. ASR's models can be refreshed on a daily basis to help you project each stage of the enrollment funnel in "real-time" as decisions are made.
  • Decision Impact Analysis and Assessment – It's inevitable. You will make adjustments to your plan throughout the recruitment cycle. ASR's models will help you assess the impact of those decisions and let you simulate new enrollment scenarios while the cycle is in progress.

ASR's analytic solutions are custom designed for your needs and leverage the technology you already have. ASR Analytics works with institutions to build sophisticated decision support tools that you won't have to continue paying for year-after-year. Our solutions are:

  • Technology Agnostic – Our consulting team works with you and your IT staff to ensure that the technology deployed for your institution fits with what is already in place.
  • SIS/ERP Aware – Whether you use a system from a major ERP vendors such as Ellucian, Oracle, or Jenzabar, or one of the CRM systems from Campus Management (Talisma), Hobsons(Intelliworks), or EMAS, our consultants understand the unique ways these systems are used.
  • Free from Costly Annual Renewals – Your entire investment with ASR is focused on an outcome. Our solutions are provided as a custom service for you and do not require annual maintenance fees. We provide you with an analytic framework that you control. Our consultants will document and train you how to manage and extend the solution. An optional support plan is also available.

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