icon5.pngRevhub fraud firewall

Mitigate fraud risks and increase revenue by harnessing the power of analytics


Identify fraudulent returns and identity theft before they are processed by your tax processing system and stay ahead of malicious attacks by detecting and responding to known, unknown, and evolving threats.

Fraud and identity theft are constant threats for all state revenue agencies that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Fraud is incredibly fluid and dynamic – today’s fraud cannot be stopped with business rules and traditional methods alone. RevHub Fraud Firewall identifies fraud risks and prioritizes them by proactively identifying weaknesses and patching holes before they are exploited. The ASR Fraud Firewall protects your ITS to stop fraud before it pollutes your system ingesting data from any source.  Machine learning algorithms detect the latest schemes to assist in empowering investigators in decision making. Intuitive reports allow you to visualize your data to make results understandable and actionable. 


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