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Defensible Cases that Stand Up On Appeal


No change audits and audits that are overturned on appeal represent a worst-case scenario for departments of revenue – wasted time and lost revenue.Streamline the litigation support processes for data collection, data analysis, and process management to ensure agency outcomes comply with all requirements to defend agency decisions in administrative and criminal hearings.   

The RevHub Litigation Assistant provides the processes and mechanisms to ensure that audit assessments are not overturned during appeals. Our non-biased, machine learning algorithms take all the subjectivity out of the audit findings. Our solution provides a repeatable and defensible process to ensure your agency can articulate their case to hearing offices and avoid costly losses by identifying weaknesses in sampling methods presented by taxpayers and their representatives. The RevHub Litigation Assistant helps auditors develop the statistical reports necessary for considering:

  • The relationship of the sample to the relevant audit objective.
  • Tolerable misstatement.
  • The auditor's allowable risk of incorrect acceptance.
  • Characteristics of the population, that is, the items comprising the account balance or class of transactions of interest.


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