icon8.pngRevhub zapper detection

identify Electronic Sales Suppression (ESS), phantom-ware, and zappers 


Identify sales suppression with a fully automated solution that performs data ingestion and integration, applies machine learning algorithms, and delivers intuitive business intelligence outputs with the click of a button. 

For many states, sales tax makes up about one-third of state revenue dollars. These dollars are a crucial component for states to offer vital services, including education, healthcare, parks and recreation, and much more. But as hard-working Americans pay their taxes to fund these programs, sales suppression methods and software are threatening to steal these dollars away. This loss of revenue is harmful to the provision of essential services. RevHub Zapper Detection features fully automated data integration and advanced analytic engines that work with data from any Point of Sale (POS) system. RevHub Zapper Detection takes the technical aspects of ESS detection out of the hands of the auditor, allowing them to focus on audits, rather than data ingestion, manipulation, and lead identifications. 


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