SSA Retention and Completion

ASR's SSA Retention and Completion module helps you track student degree progress, graduation, and transfer patterns. It streamlines regulatory reporting and integrates data from third-party systems such as National Student Clearinghouse, learning management systems, and early alert, among others. It addresses business questions such as:

  • Which programs appear to contribute to or impede student success? Where are the bottlenecks and chokepoints for students in particular programs?
  • What are our retention rates, and who are our at-risk students?
  • Where do students transfer? Attend graduate school?
  • What are our trends in credit momentum? What percentage of students are completing 15 credits in their first term, and 30 credits in their first year?
  • What courses are students using to satisfy general education courses? What remaining coursework do students have to complete, and how can we use this to forecast demand and drive course offerings?
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